Tuesday Tip: Slippin’ With Team Suzuki’s Lee McCollum

Intro: Ryan Cooley, Photos, Garth Milan

Tired Of That Dragging, Slipping Clutch of Yours? Team Suzuki’s Lee McCollum Has Your Remedy.

A smooth, efficiently operating clutch can make the difference between getting to the first turn first and running into the starting gate before it drops. Your clutch assembly is comprised of a number of different components, and the clutch plates, most specifically the fiber plates, are considered wear parts…meaning…well…they…wear out. How do you know when your clutch is ready for an overhaul? There are a couple of tell-tale signs that act as great indicators. Does your bike keep creeping forward when you’ve got your clutch lever pulled all the way in? Do you experience a dragging or slipping sensation when exiting corners? Does your bike feel like it’s spinning more than it’s hooking up? If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, we recommend you engage yourself in the following procedure immediately! Take it away, Lee…

REQUIRED TOOLS: 10mm Allen wrench, needle-nose pliers, 8mm socket or T-handle wrench (Lee prefers a fancy Makita power driver), 10mm socket or T-handle wrench, small pick, small magnet, grease, gear oil (see your owner’s manual for proper weight).