Tuesday Tip: Smoothing Bombed-Out Corners

While out at a recent practice day, we watched in a corner where there was one very well defined line that rider after rider was hitting…all with varying degrees of success. What made the hard-packed rut particularly difficult were several square-edged bumps at regular intervals on the exit. Some riders were trying to smoothly apply power out of the corner, or roll over the bumps, and were losing time as they got bucked around.


Steve Lamson was one of the quicker riders through this section, and afterward, we stopped to ask about his preferred method for getting through that section. Steve told us, “I think the best way is to get into the rut, get situated…make sure both wheels are planted good, and then accelerate really hard on the exit. But instead of letting the front end hit everything, I try to wheelie out, or at least keep the front end light. That way you can miss most of the bumps. It makes it so much smoother, and the bike stays straighter, too. If you let off the throttle, it seems like the bike tries to swap more. If you’re under power, it helps keep the bike straight.”