Tuesday Tip: Speed Through Slippery Blue Groove

Thanks to the unusual dual-start at Anaheim III, the course featured more flat ground that we can remember seeing at any recent Supercross. The corners in the two optional lanes were flat, dry and featured no berms or ruts to bank off of.


When he was contesting the World Championships, Team Red Bull/KTM’s Grant Langston spent plenty of time racing around fast, hard-packed courses with turns like these. That said, we asked Cool G to offer some tips on how to deal with tricky, flat corners like these┬┐

“The first thing to remember in corners like this one, is that there is nothing for you to bank off of, or catch your wheels in,” said Langston. “Because of this, good throttle control is imperative. When you have loamy dirt or a good berm to bank off, you can get happy with your throttle and really give it some gas. In turns like this, you have to roll the power on and constantly fight for traction. Notice that my body is very neutral. If you lean too far forward to get weight on the front wheel, you’ll unweight the back wheel and lose traction. Leaning too far back, on the other hand, will make the front end light and it will have a tendency to slip out from under you in the slippery conditions. This particular corner sweeps to the right, so I have my inside leg off for added balance. Ideally, you don’t want your foot to come into contact with the ground, you only want to use it as a counterbalance. Looking ahead towards the next corner is important, as is squeezing the bike with your thighs, which will help keep the bike in line.”