Tuesday Tip: Start Gate Prep With Daniel Blair

Tuesday Tip: Start Gate Prep With Daniel Blair

Daniel Blair’s been scoring some great starts in ’04 125 SX action, often from less than stellar gate picks. We were curious how he preps his spot on the starting line, and to see what other starting tips we could score from him, so we put that question to him after last Saturday night’s race in St. Louis.


“I’ve tried using different techniques, but this year I just scrape all the loose dirt out of the rut, and run whatever’s there. I roll in there, set my start device, click it into second, and dump the clutch when the gate drops.”

“I’ve got my gearing set up (with a 51-tooth sprocket on the rear) so that I can do second gear starts wide open and drop the clutch. Even though sometimes on the track I wish I had a 50 on the back, with my weight, and my shifts, I have it figured out to where I can do the same start every time.”

“A couple guys will beat me, like Carpenter and Stewart, but there are like 18 factory guys on the track and I’m beating like 16 of ’em to the first turn. My bike is stock with just a Yoshimura pipe and an ignition, and I’m killing these guys.”

“Once you get it figured out and you’re confident with your start procedure, you can do it every time.”