Tuesday Tip: Starting Line Tactics

It’s always fun observing starting line techniques and tactics…not only by the riders themselves, but their mechanics as well.

At Binghamton, Ivan Tedesco’s mechanic, Jon Mitcheff, was busy scouting at the gate Sunday morning, well before the two championship motos. Of course, Ivan didn’t have to qualify, because he was leading the championships, but early morning rain had left the entire start area rather soupy. So what was he looking for? He was watching the starts, trying to figure out the slope, and to see how the start area was draining (or not), and where the best starts were coming from.

Last weekend at Steel City, we spotted Davi Millsaps’ mechanic, Carlos Rivera, was busily filling dirt in the starting gate to create sort of a land bridge across the open gap in the mechanism.

While Davi’s not generally known for his starting prowess, one thing’s for sure. In a class where getting off the gate well is all-important, Carlos isn’t going through that effort if he doesn’t think it’s helping.