Tuesday Tip: Stay Hydrated!

After watching temperatures rise over the last month, this week’s tip is a reminder to make sure you stay hydrated, particularly if you’re doing longer motos.

We talked with Boost Mobile/Troy Racing/Yamaha’s Jeff “Iron” Montgomery after The Prequel, and mentioned how Sarah Whitmore had gotten light-headed on the podium. In a past life Iron has worked with CytoSport on sport drinks like Cytomax. Iron said, “Poor Sarah. It’s apparent with the kind of symptoms that she had it’s just classic dehydration. You get light-headed and you want to faint. Your knees get wobbly. In mountain biking circles we call that wobbly calf syndrome. That’s just classic dehydration, because you have no minerals. A little bit of Cytomax would have fixed that.”

“Not to knock Gatorade or some other sport drinks, but they’re not real traditional sport drinks. They’re just sucrose and sodium mixed together. That’s why when you drink a lot of Gatorade, you get bloated. There’s obviously no substitute for a great diet, but two scoops of Cyto is sure a heck of a lot better than a bottle of Gatorade.”

Just remember to drink plenty of fluids before you ride. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start drinking, and keep a bottle nearby so you can take frequent sips.


After your race, make sure to replenish what you’ve sweated off...particularly if you’ve got another moto. You don’t want to fade at the end due to lack of hydration. With some luck and skill, maybe your post-race drink might include a little champagne...but remember, alcohol will increase water loss via your kidneys, so partying the night before isn’t a great way to prep for a hot day race.