Tuesday Tip: Steady Throttle Application

This week’s tip is a visual one, so follow along. It’s always interesting to watch how the track forms up at the nationals when the pros are riding, and how that compares to what we find at our local tracks.


At the Washougal national, we spotted this perfectly arced rut berm after practice in one of the corners. Spots like this is where it’s easy to see the difference between pro and amateur riders. Smooth, steady throttle application will achieve smooth, steady corners; versus the choppy on-off throttle technique (and resulting multi-angled choppy corners) employed by weekend warriors.

We’d guess there’s also a secondary reason why this is corner turned out like this. While Washougal looks wonderfully loamy (and is in a fair amount of places) in other spots it’s rather greasy underneath the top layer. Keeping the throttle smooth was also particularly important considering the available traction.