Tuesday Tip: Stepping Up

A couple times during the recent rounds of the Supercross season there have been small tabletop jumps with taller jumps attached to the back of them. Depending how on a rider wants to set his rhythm through the following section, they can either use the face of the tabletop to clear the bigger jump; or to land even further into the section, we’ve seen a lot of riders speed jumping the first jump BMX-style. That way they use the big jump to launch even further into the section.

We spotted Steve Boniface (and quite a few other 125 riders) using this technique during practice in Pontiac, and quizzed him about it afterward. Of course, few pros we’ve talked to can describe their technique without the use of sound effects, and Steve’s no exception¿


“You need to do a triple in that section, but it’s pretty hard and getting rutty, so I tried to find a rhythm where I don’t hit the last big jump. That’s why I’m doing it.”

“I just tried to wheelie it slow the first time. I found that I could manual the first jump and then double all the way through.”

“Coming out of the corner there’s a rut, and right at the end of the rut there’s a little bump. I use that bump to help lift the front end. I just hit the clutch a little bit and brap brap.”

“To be smooth, you have to make sure your front end is high enough that it lands on top of the plateau without catching the lip of the jump. To prevent the rear end from kicking up, you don’t go too fast, and you also have to tuck back as the rear end comes up the face. That way you make sure you get plenty of drive for the jump.”