Tuesday Tip: Straightening Out the Angles

Picture this scenario. A right-hand turn at the top of a hill leads into a downhill with an off-camber left-hand sweeper at the bottom. While sitting and watching this section, the majority of the riders were banking off the berm at the top and accelerating down the hill in a long, lazy S-curve. But once they got to the bottom of the hill, they were forced to make a hard corner at the bottom, and tiptoe through the off-camber section before getting back on the gas.


Then two-time 125cc National Champion Steve Lamson came through the same section at a pace considerably faster than the majority of the other riders. Instead of sweeping to the outside of the corner at the top of the hill, he squared it off early, which allowed him to hug the right side of the downhill. About halfway down, he angled across to the left which substantially reduced the amount of cornering required for the left-hander, and at the same time, lined himself up for a lot straighter shot across the off-camber section. That let him get on the gas a lot harder, and a lot sooner.