Tuesday Tip: The Perfect C

Riding the Rails with Team Red Bull KTM’s Mike Alessi

Photos: Garth Milan

“Though Supercross bowl turns like this are a little different than turns normally found on most outdoor MX tracks, the basics are the same. There are a few simple rules to always follow when cornering, and almost all of them apply to my body positioning in this photo.

“Correct cornering is more about weight placement than anything else, and you can really see what I am talking about here when you look at where my butt is on the seat (1). Notice how I am sitting slightly sideways on the seat? That’s because I am placing additional weight on the outside of the bike, most notably the footpeg, which keeps the bike planted in the corner. My left, or outside, elbow is also raised up and acting as my controlling arm to steer the bike and keep it in control (2).

“As for my head, it is pointed to the exit of the turn because it is important to look as far ahead as you can, and also because your bike and body will follow your head direction. (3) My left hand is over the clutch, with my fingers ready to slightly engage it for more power when needed, (4) and my right hand is twisting the throttle because I am already getting on the gas at this point in the turn (5). I keep my right (or inside) foot off of the peg and just slightly above the ground to help me balance, but I try to never plant it into the dirt unless I need to (6).¿