Tuesday Tip: Throttle Control with Kevin Windham

Kevin Windham’s well-known for being one of the smoothest guys on the track. Not only for his line selection, but also for the way he uses the throttle. At Washougal (which is known for being rather slippery) we asked him to describe his style, and for some tips on cultivating a smooth style like his¿

“There’s definitely differences in everyone’s styles. I just seem to be able to finesse it a little more than most. I’ve typically been a rider that doesn’t ride with the clutch much. I think certain people ride with the clutch, and any time you’re known as a clutch rider, you have a tendency to blast things a little more. Hold it in, rev it up and be able to get the RPMs up a little bit high before you dump it. I think that’s just kind of violent.”

“For whatever reason I seem to have a decent feel for the rear wheel and know when it’s going to break loose. Being able to keep that throttle right on the edge. I think I do a little more back and forth¿on and off the throttle.”

I don’t think you’re just destined to have one style. I think all of us in the professional ranks study each other and try to adapt to other people’s pros and kind of shy away from their cons. We all have things we wish we could do a little different or a little bit better.”

“Going out and riding whenever a track’s maybe not as good as it could be, or when it doesn’t have perfect traction¿riding a typical beat track, that’s a good time to learn some things. Having the ability to roll on the power is definitely an asset. Also knowing your bike, anticipating when it’s going to hit, and break loose. That’s the thing about riding a motorcycle, you always have to be a couple steps ahead of it. Things happen really quick out there on the track. It’s very important to be one step ahead of the ball game. To know where the bike’s headed and when it’s going to break loose is a huge advantage to whatever style you have.”