Tuesday Tip: Throttle Control

You’ve all seen riders who have trouble keeping the rear end of their bikes in line. Too much throttle has the rear ends of their bikes stepping out, and their on/off switch style throttle control has the back end busy enough that following them around the track is a whole lot more entertainment than you’re looking for.

We grabbed Sean Hamblin and asked him for some of his throttle control tips for staying smooth and fast when exiting corners.

“When I enter a corner for braking and acceleration I try to keep a steady flow. So I do all my braking before I enter the corner, get everything done, and set up for the exit. Your elbows are always up, and I’ve always got a finger on the front brake.


After I finish my braking, I just slowly roll the throttle on into the apex of the corner. Not hard, I don’t stab at it to where I break loose with uncontrolled wheelspin. When you do catch traction it’ll shoot you off the track.


(Click the image above for a larger version).

“Most of the time you’re using a quarter throttle to maybe half, especially in supercross with the dirt being so tacky. In a race you’re almost never going to be all the way to the stop. Mainly what you want to do is add more throttle little by little until you feel comfortable. Go faster and faster each time with more throttle.”