Tuesday Tip: Using Video For Training

Do you use video as part of your training program? You can run endless laps with a stopwatch, but nothing will tell you whether your style is improving, whether you’re charging or coasting, or how smooth you are like video.

After nearly every practice session at a Supercross, you can see the flicker of a TV monitor in the rider’s lounge on the big rigs, as coaches, team managers and riders review how they (and other riders) are progressing.


All you need is a good video camera, a friend with a steady hand and good camera skills (who will avoid adding running commentary). You also need enough fresh tape and batteries for all your practice sessions.

We’ve added two movies from the Kawasaki practice track, with Ivan Tedesco and Matt Walker (where the Pro Circuit crew was filming their riders in action). One’s in regular time, while the other is in slow motion, which is a feature you’ll get with some digi camcorders.

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To view the video, you’ll need Quicktime 6.x, which works for both Mac and PC, is available as a free download at www.apple.com/quicktime.