Tuesday Tip: Weatherproofing Airboxes

With the muddy conditions found at Anaheim Stadium last weekend, we spotted some extremely creative use of duct tape and foam in an effort to keep muddy water out of airboxes, and the bikes running cleanly. We thought we’d share a couple of the methods that we saw being employed.

On Jeremy McGrath’s Honda, the fender acts as a large portion of the rear of the airbox. So all seams between the fender and airbox itself were heavily taped. As you can see on top of the subframe rails, strips of tape were built up to create flexible walled sections. Similar strips were added to the rear of the seat. We also liked how a section of fuel hose was used under the tape to direct any water that might make its way to the airbox around the filter itself.

For the Yamaha of Heath Voss, custom-fitted foam chunks were added to the front of the airbox to catch any incoming water. Since the Yamaha doesn’t use the fender as a portion of the airbox, the use of duct tape wasn’t quite as extensive, though Tom Wallace did add tape to the back of the airbox to raise the top of the rear wall.

Of course, if you’re not riding a red or blue machine, you can employ similar techniques the next time you’re facing riding in the slop.