Tuesday Tip: Wheel-Tapping Over Jumps

We’ve seen a quite a few sections recently, where a small fairly flat ramp leads into the face of another jump, which is followed by yet another jump. Often, these are found exiting corners, and don’t provide enough lift from the first jump to clear the second or third one. That has led riders to adopt a BMX-style technique of carrying the front end over the lip of the second jump, and wheel-tapping the rear wheel which serves the dual purpose of flattening the bike’s flight path, and boosting them over the third jump. Confused? Check out photos, and a few tips for successfully accomplishing this from Team Green’s Donnie McGourty.

Donnie explains, “Usually you use this technique when you have a set of three small jumps exiting a corner, and you don’t have enough lift to get all the way over the triple. You use the second one to pop you over the third jump. On the jump pictured here, you don’t want to seat bounce the first jump because you’ll miss the second one completely,

and land into the face of the third. You just ride through the first one and lift up your front wheel, Give it some gas…not a whole lot to boost you off the second jump, and it’ll pop you right over the third one.”

“On that particular one, it’s right out of a corner so you’re not carrying a lot of speed into it. If it’s one that you’re carrying a lot of speed into, just get the feel of it before you try to wheel-tap over it at high speed. You also have to make sure you don’t miss the second jump with your rear wheel, because you’ll be front end high going over that third one, and that can throw you over the bars.”

“You have to get the feel for it. What I’d suggest is maybe do it when there’s not three jumps. Wheel-tap the second one on flat ground. That way when you try to pop over an actual jump, you’ll know what it’s going to feel like.”