Tuesday Tip: Wheelying Over Rollers

While out visiting Lake Elsinore Motocross Park for Spy Day, we spotted Ivan Tedesco blasting through this new set of outdoor-style rolling whoops. Ivan (and his new Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammate, Eric Sorby) were wheelying side-by-side through them, never touching the front end through the whole set. As a public service (and because it looked so damn cool), we asked Ivan to lay out how he was tackling this section.


“Eric and I were mainly doing this for fun and to mess around, but it’s probably a little faster because you’re not hitting the front end between the rollers.”

“You come out of the corner before the rollers and make sure to line yourself up straight. You also need to come up them with good speed, and run higher gears so you’re not revving too high. Keeping your back wheel on the ground as much as possible will help keep you keep driving forward. Make sure to keep your knees bent so that you’re using your legs as suspension.”

“From there you lift the front wheel as you crest the first roller, do a couple at a time, and then try to carry your front wheel past one more at a time.”

“As you’re going over the rollers, the bike is working back and forth, but you have to keep your mass centered over the bike so you have control on your front-to-rear balance. Shift too far back you’ll loop out.”