Tuesday Tips: How-Not-Tos

Most of the time our tips are about what to do. This week we’ve got a couple of suggestions for what-not-to-do tips.

Watch Your Fingers!

Yesterday Swap and another TWMX staff member (whose name rhymes with Garth) were attempting a ramp-less loading of a bike into Swap’s new Ford 4×4. Unfortunately, he grabbed the bottom of the fork tubes but didn’t realize that his fingers were in jeopardy around the brake rotor…and he clipped off the tip of one of his digits as the bike rolled forward.

Fortunately, it looks like some fast stitching saved the fingertip, but we’d suggest trying to avoid emulating the experience, and remind you to watch your fingers around brake rotors and sprockets.


Reset Your Sag

Between motos at a recent race we heard a suspension guy chastising a pro-caliber pilot. Apparently the rider (who will remain nameless to avoid embarrassment) had picked up a freshly revalved shock and bolted it on to his trusty steed. But from there he didn’t take any laps to make sure everything was kosher, or check the sag setting (which ended up in the 90mm range, rather than his normal 100mm setting). Needless to say, his results weren’t exactly what he was hoping for.

Make sure you reset your bike’s sag to your tuner’s specs!