By Bayo Olukotun Photos by Brendan Lutes

A slightly revised track for the second evening meant a whole new ball game for the riders on hand.  Fans were treated to the best racing of the weekend.  Attendance was higher, excitement was high, and riders seemed much more willing to be far more aggressive than Friday.

Michael Byrne
Davi Millsaps
Davi Millsaps
Josh Hansen and Ezra Lusk
Ryan Villopoto
Nick Wey
Josh Hansen
Ryan Villopoto
Nick Wey
Michael Sleeter
Matt Goerke
Dan Reardon
James Stewart
Davi Millsaps
Adam Cianciarulo
Chris Alldredge
T. Covington
Mechanic's race
Michael Blose's mechanic took the win.
Main event start
Dan Reardon
Ryan Villopoto leading Dan Reardon
Dan Reardon leading James Stewart
Ryan Villopoto
Stewart passing Reardon
Davi Millsaps
Ezra Lusk
Ezra Lusk
James Stewart
Josh Hansen
Dan Reardon
Davi Millsaps
Stewart and Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto
James Stewart
Ryan Villopoto
James Stewart
James Stewart with his $100,000 check
Overall podium

Racing: Night Two

Heat One

Ryan Villopoto did not look to have the holeshot but dove to the inside of the sweeping first turn, claiming the lead and never looking back. Josh Hansen had second but was unable to hang with Villopoto's pace.  The top three finishers were Villpoto, Hansen, and Nick Wey.

Heat Two

Chris Blose got out to the early lead with Daniel Reardon in tow followed by Michael Sleeter.  Blose looked fast but Reardon was able to quicken his pace and displaced the TLD/Honda rider for first.  The most exciting action was happening behind the leaders as legendary racer, Ezra Lusk, seemed to be rejuvenated in the second night of his come back.  Starting fifth place, Lusk used his well known smooth, but aggressive style to first pass KTM rider Michael Sleeter for fourth place. He then went to work on Tiger Lacey who seem out of reach at first.  But slowly but surely, Yogi reeled in the Honda privateer and eventually made the pass, moving himself into third place in the heat race and a qualifying position for the main event.

Heat Three

James Stewart once again grabbed the lead right away and was absolutely gone. Behind the Yamaha rider Bobby Kiniry ran a strong second for the entire race.  Davi Millsaps had a poor start but slowly worked his way up through the pack to Heath Voss who was not very willing to give up his position.  With cheers from the crow, Millsaps stuffed Voss the the .

85cc Main Event

Chris Alldridge reeled out an excellent start taking an early lead ahead of Thomas Covington and Adam Cianciarulo. Cianciarulo made a dive for the inside line after the whoop, quickly taking over second place. Thanks to Alldridge's great start he had a good gap on second place, but Cianciarulo was definitely on the move, making up about a third of a second per lap.  By the time the last lap came around, Cianciarulo was right on the number eight of Alldridge.  With the crowd on their feet, some of the best racing of the night went down on the last lap, as Alldridge his best to ride his own race while keeping the green Pro Circuit bike in mind.  At the finish the two riders were wheel to wheel with Alldridge taking the win for the night plus the overall for the weekend with 2-1 scores over Ciaciarulo's 1-2.

1) C. Alldredge
2) A. Cianciarulo
3) T. Covington
4) C. Ford
5) B. Leith
6) K. Tucker
7) T. Graffunder
8) C. Heath
9) J. Masterpool
10) D. Baker
11) N. Gaines
12) A. Pierce

Mechanic's Race

The mechanics of the top qualifiers were given the chance to earn a point for their riders by doing a cool little competition.  Placing each bike on a stand behind the starting gate, the mechanics had to stand about ten feet behind their bikes.  A thirty second board girl sent the signal for the gate to drop. Techs had to rush to their bikes, remove the rear wheel, touch it to the chalk line ten feet back, then put the wheel back on.  Once everything was back together, they had to take the bikes of the stands and run to another chalk line about half way down the start strait for the finish.  This time around the winner was Chris Blose's mechanic, in front of Hansen's Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki mechanic.  Last night's winner, Davi Millsaps mechanic Carlos, came in third.

Main Event

Ryan Villopoto took the holeshot in amongst a very tight group of riders with Dan Reardon and Bobby Kiniry in tow.  James Stewart made a very aggressive move on Kiniry in the turn after the whoops, causing Kiniry to go down which slightly held up the rest of the pack.  For the next several laps, Stewart hounded Reardon, but with such a tight track, Stewart was having trouble getting around he was clearly faster than.  Finally after some frustration, Stewart made one of his patented mid-air passes, scrubbing the finish line jump and flying past the Geico Powersports/Hondao Reardon.

Out front Villopoto looked smooth and confident, riding mistake free.  However once Stewart had gotten around Reardon, RV's lead quickly began shrinking. Within just a few laps, Stewart was breathing down the Kawasaki rider's neck and seemed to tighten up a bit.  The two riders went back and forth, passing each other a few times and even making contact at one point.  Nevertheless, Stewart was able to make his way around Villopoto to take over first place.

Further back, Reardon was holding down a solid ride in third place for much of the race until the duo of Davi Millsaps and Michael Byrne smelled blood. The two riders, while racing each other, didn't let that slow their pace towards Reardon and with just a few laps remaining, they were right on his tail.  Finally, with only two laps to go, Millsaps made the move on Reardon, pushing himself into third place for second place overall on the weekend.

By race's end, Stewart had opened up a sizable lead on Villopoto to take a very convincing win for the night and the overall prize of $100,000.

Race Results

1)    James Stewart
2)    Ryan Villopoto
3)    Davi Millsaps
4)    Dan Reardon
5)    Michael Byrne
6)    Matt Boni
7)    Nick Wey
8)    Ezra Lusk
9)    Tyler Bowers
10)     Chris Blose
11)     Bobby Kiniry
12)     Tiger Lacey
13)     Keith Johnson
14)     Josh Hansen
15)     Robbie Reynard