A Very Welcome Rest Day for the SHERCO TVS Factory Rally Team

Credits: E. Bauer

It is Friday in La Paz, Bolivia, it’s a day of rest for the SHERCO TVS Factory Rally Team. A good opportunity to review where we are at the midpoint of the 2018 Dakar.

“Overall, it’s been a very difficult Dakar for the riders and the mechanics,” commented team manager David Casteu. "The riders have covered a lot of kilometers in conditions that have been difficult for them and for their support team. They have encountered, among others things, sand dust and high altitudes. We have all been under a lot of pressure. ”

You will recall that Adrien Metge and Aravind have, unfortunately, been forced to abandon because of serious injuries.

“We lost two riders,” continues David Casteu. They both fell in the same way, being surprised by a dune, and both broke an ankle. It adds pressure because we only have one motorcycle racing. Joan Pedrero is 15th and he will use all his experience and preparation to get to the end of this Dakar. He has to deal with a lot of stress as he is the only rider remaining, he has to finish on the bike and with a good result. It’s not easy for him. But we are all behind him, we are very motivated and very well organized. We do everything we can to not communicate our stress! But he is fit and still has things to prove, there are still many miles left. ”

Joan Perdrero: “This first week in Peru has been very complicated. I am the only rider remaining after the abandonment of Adrien and Aravind and it is a lot of pressure. But we are positive, the bike works great and the team is solid. I believe that next week will be very positive. “