Portland, ORThe greatest sport just got even better for fans as MotoSport.com drops the gate on a fantasy league for the 2019 Supercross and Motocross racing seasons.

As the sport of dirt bike racing gains in popularity it only makes sense that the leading online parts and gear retailer for the powersports industry put its name behind a fantasy league that offers the best opportunity for fans to truly bench race. Followers of Supercross and Motocross might already know about MotocrossFantasy.com which started in 2011 as the first Supercross and Motocross fantasy league of its kind. But now with the backing of MotoSport.com, the 2019 racing season just got real.

For the upcoming season of Supercross which starts on January 5, 2019 in Anaheim, CA, MotocrossFantasy.com will offer fans a chance to win more than $1,000 in weekly prizes and a 2019 Yamaha YZ250F as the grand prize for the winner of the Supercross season. Gift cards to MotoSport.com ranging from $30 for 10th place up to $250 for first-place will be given out after every round and participants can also win various “bonus” prize packages as well.

“MotoSport.com used to run its own fantasy league years ago but the logistics behind running it and running it properly for the ultimate fan experience prevented us from continuing the program,” said Darren Green, Director of Marketing for MotoSport.com. “So when this opportunity to join an existing platform opened up we, of course, jumped on the opportunity.”

Fans of Supercross and Motocross can join MotocrossFantasy.com and play for free in the “Bench Racing Divisions” simply by signing up or pay a one-time $24.99 entry fee for the “Pro Series” and be eligible for the weekly prizes and the YZ250F grand prize. Players pick four 250 riders and four 450 riders at each round and the game is scored based on a handicap system. These scores are added up, resulting in weekly winners and ultimately overall series winners.

“Motocross Fantasy adds a new element of excitement to a sport we are already fans of,” said Scott Eerkes, owner of MotocrossFantasy.com. “Linking up with a company like MotoSport.com opens the door for a wide variety of prizes and opportunities for participants to win, making this great game even better.”

Upon the conclusion of the Supercross season the fantasy league transitions to the Motocross season which begins May 18, 2019 at Hangtown at which point you can choose the free version or join the “Pro Series” for the $24.99 entry fee to be eligible for the same weekly gift cards to MotoSport.com.

Fantasy Supercross players can join now but must lock in their rider selections by the official start time of each round in order to participate. All rules, restrictions and “How to Play” can be found at www.motocrossfantasy.com.
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