Brainchild of Travis Pastrana, the Next Level all-moto Tour features the best athletes in moto taking on the biggest ramps in the world. The Nitro Circus design team has put it all on the line with this show, doubling down on the risk factor. The FMX Next Level takeoff ramp alone, towering 15-feet above the show floor (five feet taller than anything toured before) launches riders up to 60-feet into the sky. The lander also looms large, standing 23-feet high.

This innovative setup, the result of years of research and development, was first dreamed up at Travis' "Pastranaland" compound and then perfected at Nitro World Games. These breakthrough designs were never supposed to tour, as they were considered far too large and complex to be set up more than once. But Nitro Circus was determined to showcase them, and the future of action sports, to its diehard fans around the world. Now, after months of hard work, these ramps are now hitting the road for the first time in North America.

2018 Nitro Circus North American Tour

May 12


St. George, UT


Legend Solar Stadium

May 18


Reno, NV


Greater Nevada Field

May 25


Kelowna, BC


Apple Bowl Stadium

May 27


Lethbridge, AB


Univ. of Lethbridge

    Community Sports Stadium


June 1*


Eugene, OR


Autzen Stadium

June 3


Boise, ID


Memorial Stadium

June 9


Moncton, NB


Moncton Stadium

June 15


York, PA


PeoplesBank Park

June 16


Virginia Beach, VA


Virginia Beach Sportsplex

June 19


June 21


Myrtle Beach, SC


Pittsburgh, PA Field at

    Pelicans Ballpark


Highmark Stadium



June 22


Pittsburgh, PA


Highmark Stadium

June 23


Cincinnati, OH


Nippert Stadium