Mission Viejo, CA (Dec 21, 2017) -- 4Arm Strong - the revolutionary aided stretching device praised by professional athletes and those to train them is honored to be associated with the top SX riders in the world this season.

The following riders will depend on the 4Arm Strong device throughout the upcoming grueling 2018 SX season, keeping them free of arm pump, while increasing grip strength and relieving elbow pain or carpal tunnel symptoms.

2018 SX 4Ar Strong Team Rider Roster (in no particular order):

Marvin Musquin
Jason Anderson
Zach Osborne
Blake Baggett
Alex Martin
Shane McElrath
Jordon Smith
Aaron Plessinger
Colt Nichols
Justin Barcia
Weston Peick
Kyle Cunningham
Mitchell Harrison
Mitchell Oldenburg
Luke Renzland
Jimmy Decotis
Broc Tickle
Tyler Bowers
Alex Ray
Bradley Taft

Due to the product's positive reception in the marketplace, the manufacturers recently have been able to improve the 4Arm Strong's design and also decrease the retail price to $129--a 20 percent savings for the consumer. With applications across a wide variety of sports, a wealth of free instructional videos from qualified professionals available straight from 4arm-strong.com and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, it's a multi-tool investment for today's wellness-conscious athlete.

About 4Arm Strong
Created by Lee Ramage, a former pro athlete and certified Active Release Techniques practitioner with many years of experience rehabilitating athletes in several different sports, 4Arm Strong is committed to speeding the recovery of injured or performance-compromised players and enhancing the preventative conditioning therapies employed by individuals and trainers in motocross, rock climbing, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, baseball and more. Their direct-to-consumer product is a portable device invented to help athletes achieve more with reduced pain, head off common injuries and maximize their performance. Learn more at 4arm-strong.com.