With the sundown draped by mountains to the west, racing cannot be safely conducted much past 4:30pm. With that said, the morning sunrises at Pala Raceway allow for an earlier gate drop. For the Inaugural Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup, the start times for races will begin 30 minutes earlier than the original published schedule.

Starting on Saturday, December 30th, the first gate drop will be at 7:00am. This will require the first 3 classes in the race order to report for site laps at 6:45am each day. The pro classes will be wedged into the amateur schedule and remain the same race times at 11am and 2pm PST. The amateur classes will race until the latest time possible with each day ending by 5pm.

About the RV Cup:
The Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup is hosted at Pala Raceway on New Year's weekend and offers riders a unique opportunity for a complete moto-vacation by attending the newest amateur event in the US. The RV Cup is unique with a completely new structure of classes providing riders possibilities unlike ever extended. The RV Cup offers 30 hours of live video streaming, live timing and scoring, along with Ryan Villopoto's personal touch of track design and safety. #RVMXCup #RVCup #Alpinestars #AnswerRacing #RVXAnswer #Supercross #Motocross