KTM Factory Junior Racing Team rider Blake Fox has ensured his name will forever be first on a page of Australian motorcycle racing history, as the winner of the first-ever Australian 85cc/150cc Supercross title.

KTM 85 SX-mounted Fox sealed the deal at last weekend's muddy final round of the Australian Supercross Championship at Jimboomba, in Queensland, where he finished in equal second on points behind KTM-mounted runaway Kiwi winner Brodie Connolly, who reveled in the conditions.

Finishing with 2, 3, 4 race finishes, Fox was awarded fourth on countback for the night, behind Zack Watson and Jake Kowall.

Making the achievement even more impressive is the fact that the 13-year-old from Dubbo was competing in his first-ever season of supercross racing – a detail which didn't stop him winning 7 of the 12 races.

In his last ride on the KTM 85 SX he's all but outgrown, Fox entered the round with a 27-point lead and encountered the wettest and muddiest supercross racing conditions seen in Australia in many a year.

He accrued a remarkably consistent points-haul for the evening though and came out a 12-point victor in the championship. The championship saw an all-KTM top four, with Fox winning the crown from Brodie Connolly, ahead of Jake Kowal and Lachlan Winchester.

Blake Fox (KTM 85 SX): "This is the first year they've really had a championship for us juniors, so to win that in my first year is cool. They were tough conditions to finish it off in at Jimboomba, but we really only had to finish the races to win, so we were just trying to keep it on two wheels and hoping nothing random happened in all the mud. They were really tough conditions, I think pretty much every pro crashed. I had three little slip-overs – it was one of the hardest races I've done in my life. You'd go through a rhythm section and you could hardly see the top of the jumps because they were all covered in water. I loved racing supercross this year. I feel like it really suits my style. It's a lot different to motocross and I like all the big jumps and rhythms the different techniques you have to use. You've gotta' be focused the whole time though because one little brain fade and you're probably going to hit the deck hard. I'll be on junior Lites in Supercross next year – I'm loving the KTM 250 SX-F. I've been training on it lately and I feel pretty good on it already!"

Aaron Fox (Blake's Dad): "It was a pretty gnarly meeting. We're still washing stuff today! It was Blake's last meeting on the KTM 85 SX because he's now 64 kilos, so it was great that he managed to win the first-ever Motorcycling Australia-recognized 85 title. We ran only the '85 for the whole series because we thought learning the new discipline was tough enough and two bikes would have been too much."

Race Results Junior 85cc/150cc, Australian Supercross Championship 2017 - Rd. Jimboomba, Qld:
Race 1
1. Brodie CONNOLLY, KTM 8:08.141 (7 laps)
2. Blake FOX, KTM +29.965
3. Zach WATSON, Husqvarna +50.619
4. Jake KOWAL, KTM +1:23.249
5. Lachlan WINCHESTER, KTM +1 lap
6. Zane MACKINTOSH, Husqvarna +1 lap
7. Ethan AMOS, KTM +1 lap
8. Zane DORREL, KTM +3 laps

Race 2
1. Brodie CONNOLLY, KTM 8:15.325 (7 laps)
2. Jake KOWAL, KTM +10.047
3. Blake FOX, KTM +38.829
4. Zach WATSON, Husqvarna +48.773
5. Lachlan WINCHESTER, KTM +1:06.119
6. Zane MACKINTOSH, Husqvarna +1:32.648
7. Ethan AMOS, KTM +1 lap
8. Zane DORREL, KTM +1 lap
9. Kai Bonning, Yamaha +2 laps

Race 3
1. Brodie CONNOLLY, KTM 9:07.208 (7 laps)
2. Zach WATSON, Husqvarna +33.846
3. Jake KOWAL, KTM +38.896
4. Blake FOX, KTM +1:32.040
5. Lachlan WINCHESTER, KTM +2 laps
6. Zane MACKINTOSH, Husqvarna +2 laps

Round 6 total points:
1. Brodie CONNOLLY 75
2. Zach WATSON 60
3. Jake KOWAL 60
4. Blake FOX 60
5. Lachlan WINCHESTER 48
7. Ethan AMOS 28
8. Zane DORREL 26
9. Kai BONNING 12

Australian Supercross Championship Junior 85/150 category final points:
1 Blake FOX 279
2 Brodie CONNOLLY 267
3 Jake KOWAL 232
4 Lachlan WINCHESTER 172
6 Zach WATSON 114
7 Tyler DARBY 72
8 Brandon STEEL 50
9 Clay BURNETT 49
10 Connor MCLAUGHLIN 45