Buchanan, Michigan (July 7, 2018) – A wild season of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross has made an impact on every top team, with the GEICO Honda squad no exception. RedBud's annual July 4th weekend tilt provided an example, with RJ Hampshire riding smart amongst a moto of complete chaos to net second in the first moto. His second-straight moto podium matched his career best, but then a massive crash off the start of moto two left him battered and bruised, literally.

Hampshire's 2-DNF led to ninth overall. Chase Sexton had his own ups and downs, with a crash in moto one and a come-from-behind 11th, but sixth in moto two leading to sixth overall. Cameron McAdoo went 15-14 for 17th overall.

Sexton was okay with the sixth only because he feels like he has continued to make progress.

"Really happy with my riding and speed right now, I qualified second which is my best yet!" said Sexton. "I had a big get off first moto but managed to salvage a good result for how far I was back! The second moto I didn't get the start I needed but managed to get to sixth and finish the day sixth overall. No excuses just need to fix some small stuff and get those starts! I'm always learning and making improvements every weekend so I'm okay with that—I'm so motivated to get that top spot and I think I can do it."

Hampshire was still nursing injuries based on a huge crash at Muddy Creek two weeks ago. Despite his back and wrist being too sore to log regular motos during the week, he rode well.

"Practice didn't go too well just because we were trying to set my bike up to compensate for my wrist," said Hampshire. "When the gate dropped for the first moto I felt great. Just kind of rode and really didn't have many mistakes. A lot of other riders had problems and I just rode smart, the second-place matched my best moto finish ever! I was looking forward to that second moto. I got tangled off the start and I was up front, just couldn't control where I was going. Felt like a pinball machine. Once the chaos stopped I was stuck under about four bikes and couldn't move! Michael Hand and Colt Nichols pulled the bikes off of me which was much appreciated. Had to get about 30 stitches to patch some cuts up and my back was pretty beat up again. I'm alive though! Thankful to be somewhat okay and will shoot on being back for Millville."

McAdoo got in on the act with some early crashes of his own.

"Redbud was a struggle for me," said McAdoo. "Moto 1 start crash followed by hitting a downed rider's bike, and moto 2 a crash early in the moto made it a hard day, and ended up going 15-14. We will work on the weaknesses during this weekend off, and come back swinging at Millville!"

The team gets a needed weekend off before returning to action in Minnesota on July 21st.

GEICO Honda Results
Red Bull RedBud National
Buchanan, Michigan

6. Chase Sexton
9. RJ Hampshire
17. Cameron McAdoo