DMXS Tonight

Bailey / Tedesco / Weimer / Hibbert / Larsen on DMXS Radio Tonight!

Monster Energy Pro Circuit's Jake Weimer had a slow start to the season, but the loveable Idahoan transplant is more than making up for it with two consecutive overall wins. Jake is always a great guest and we look forward to catching up with him tonight.

Red Bull Factory Honda's Ivan Tedesco had a similar rough start to the outdoors but is showing the speed and consistency he always knew was there. Ivan is only 40 points out of first place in the title hunt with the entire second half of the season to go. This year has already been wild and I'm almost certain that the championship will come down to the final moto at Steel City.

Monster Energy's Tucker “Bombardier” Hibbert is from Goodridge, Minnesota and even though he often competes North of the border, he's as American as apple pie. I'm tired of Canadians trying to claim one of our boys and want to set the record straight. He was celebrating our country's independence like all good motocrossers should … racing Red Bud. We will ask him about his plans for the rest of the season which I believe includes racing four out of the last six AMERICAN nationals. Take that Canadia!

The fans have rejoiced in having David Bailey back in the booth with his sexy smooth voice calling the races again. We will break all that down tonight, but I wanted to get DB on so he can catch us up on qualifying again for the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii. For those of you that may not remember, David was in very poor health not long ago and this miraculous comeback may be his most epic by far. An ICON indeed!

Canadie Motosport Kawasaki's PJ Larsen has been sidelined with the dreaded broken navicular, but should ready to go when the boys of summer get back to racing at Millville. We consider PJ family and wanted to give him some love and remind everyone that the rookie sensation is on his way back.
Wednesday 8-11pm EST