FMF | Partnership Transformation

FMF To See Some Changes


Beginning December 1st, 2016, FMF Apparel, Inc. and La Jolla Group will undergo a transformation in their partnership. After 5 strong years of operating under a licensing arrangement where La Jolla Group owned the Global Trademark for the design, development, production, distribution, marketing and sales of all apparel and accessory products bearing the FMF logo, FMF Racing (the brand & trademark owner) will assume complete control of the apparel business moving forward with the La Jolla Group transitioning to a service‐level partner, supporting all operational functions on behalf of FMF Racing over the course of the next year. This shift in relationship will allow FMF Racing to more directly realize and influence the gains the apparel division has made over the past 2 years, while La Jolla Group will be hired by FMF Racing to assist with the transition by offering the world‐class operational support that it's become known for throughout the industry. As part of the transition, the existing staff that's been responsible for the apparel and accessory business in the recent past are likely to transfer with the FMF brand and continue their efforts under the direction of the FMF brand owners.

Donny Emler, Jr., Marketing Director for FMF Racing, had to say this of the move, "The partnership we have had with La Jolla Group over the last 5 years has been remarkable. We have seen tremendous growth of the FMF brand and the apparel segment and our staff have been a huge part of our marketing and brand awareness. We look forward to transitioning the brand back to our team with the operational support and guidance that LJG will help to provide during the process.”

About FMF:

Established in 1973, FMF Racing is one of the most dominant and influential brands in the world of Off‐ Road Motocross Racing. Founded by Don Emler in his Hawthorne, CA garage, the brand's steadfast dedication to supporting the sport, along with its athletes and partners, has earned the respect and loyalty of industry consumers and insiders. From cutting‐edge design to efficient manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, operations and distribution, FMF strives to elevate performance in every facet of the business.

FMF Racing's iconic red‐and‐yellow logo is still fueling the growth and passion for the sport of motocross more than 40 years later, which has led to the expansion of its product line from performance exhaust to a full range of apparel and accessories for men and women alike. The family‐owned and operated company also features top level world‐class race teams that continue to dominate the podium at events around the globe.

At the end of the day, there remains two major forces that keep all of us at FMF motivated: throwing a leg over a bike and heading out to the track or trails; and knowing that we're helping our customers get the most out of the FMF experience. It's been over 4 decades worth of twisting throttles and putting smiles on faces, but we've got a great feeling that we're just getting started . . .

About LJG:

Since 1993, La Jolla Group has been the end to end operational solution for aspirational youth lifestyle brands. With prominent brands such as O'Neill, Metal Mulisha and FMF, La Jolla Group has proved to be a builder of great brands, a creator of innovative products, and a master of operational excellence.

La Jolla Group is headquartered in Irvine, CA with distribution to North America, South America, EMEA and Australia, and services wholesale, retail and e‐commerce.