After a great year of racing his Factory Sherco 300 SE in 2018, Mario Roman will again be wearing the Sherco blue and yellow in 2019!

Remembering his 2018 season … Mario began the year by winning the first two extremes of the season. He was the winner of the Alestrem, then the Hells Gate. Then he won the Battle of the Vikings in Sweden, where he retains his title for the second year in a row.

And at home in Spain, he shows himself to be imperial and wins the two major Iberian extremes, Gordexola and Hixpania.
Finally, we know that Mario likes to travel, and he does it well, especially in South America where he won the Red Bull Los Andes in Chile, and more recently he won the famous Ukupacha Extreme in Ecuador.

From the North to the South, Mario Roman is one of the major players in extreme enduro. Because of the results he has achieved and his involvement in the Sherco network, we are proud to announce that his contract has been resigned.

“I am very proud and happy to have resigned with Sherco, our relationship is really good, we are growing, and we are constantly improving together. I cannot wait to continue to bring good results to the team and continue the training camps which we have launched with our importers. I look forward to seeing you on January 18th for the launch of the season at Alestrem!” Mario Roman

A word from the team manager: “It is a pleasure to announce the extension of Mario’s contract, he will be with us for the next two seasons, he has brought us a lot of success and we will continue to work to continue this dynamic! Mario has just finished a long season with 8 wins, but 2019 is almost here with the Alestrem where he will have the number 1 plate to defend! ” J. Curvalle

Credits : Futur7Media/ Igorodriakova / Mihai Bircai / U. Podlogar