McAdoo breaks through to lead muddy laps at Unadilla MX
New Berlin, NY (August 11, 2018) – Wet and wild race conditions at the Massey Ferguson Unadilla National, round 10 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, led to a dirty day for team GEICO Honda. Simply not crashing became the mission—but it was a tough order to fulfill, as muddy soil samples were common in the New York slop. Chase Sexton persevered with fifth overall, but the team found an extra silver lining when Cameron McAdoo, despite riding with a bad back, holeshot the second moto and led the first four laps of the race. He held on for fifth in that second moto, a career best, and 11th overall, with RJ Hampshire just behind in 12th.

Sexton has been working hard to improve his starts, and they were better on this day, but the predicted crashes in the tough conditions hurt him. "A step in the right direction but just couldn't seem to stay on two wheels!" Sexton said after going 5-8 in his two motos for fifth overall. "I had good starts and I had the fastest lap time second moto so there's definitely positives to take away. We've been working so hard on the starts so it felt good to be closer to the front there, but the crashes kind of messed that up. I had a lot of fun in the mud today but I still am not satisfied at all! Back to work this week so we can get back on the podium. That's the goal for these final two races."

McAdoo was set for a strong day in the mud but an off-track excursion in moto one slowed him. McAdoo's back was already bothering him a bit, and when he tried to lift his heavy, muddy machine from the sticky mud, he pinched a nerve in his back. He somehow finished the moto in 15th, but the pinched nerve stiffened his back so badly that his mechanic had to help remove him from his bike. McAdoo and the team didn't even think racing the second moto was possible, but after a quick trip to the Alpinestars Medic Unit, he decided to suit up and try it. He ended up grabbing the holeshot and logging the best moto of his professional career!

"Unadilla was a huge step in the right direction for us!" said McAdoo, who went 15-5. "In Moto 1 I was running around seventh in the mud until I ended up in the banners with a post jammed into my rear wheel. When I tried to pull on the bike, it really hurt something in my back. It was so bad my mechanic had to help lift me off of the bike at the end of the race. I pinched a nerve, and the team was telling me I didn't have to go out there and risk it in the second moto, but I decided to give it a shot. Big thanks to the Alpinestars Medics for their help. We rebounded in the second moto, pulled the hole shot and led to about half way and ended up fifth! The track got really rutted and gnarly by the end of the day—the first few laps were so tough because no one did a sight lap, so you had no idea where the lines were going. I think I had about 15 or 20 minutes in me before the adrenaline wore off, then I started feeling it again with the pinched nerve. Happy to hang on for fifth. We now know that we can run up front and plan to do just that these last two rounds!"

RJ Hampshire was happy coming into the race, as some nagging injuries are subsiding, but the mud led to too many crashes. "Had two good starts but didn't make it past the second corner on two wheels in either race," said Hampshire. "A day full of crashes and a weekend to forget about. Looking forward to Budds Creek and a good week back home."

Two races remain in the regular season, Budds Creek, Maryland this Saturday and Crawfordsville, Indiana in two weeks.

GEICO Honda Results
Massey Furgeson Unadilla National
New Berlin, New York

5. Chase Sexton
11. Cameron McAdoo
12. RJ Hampshire