Michael Petersen Creates Drawing of Lackey

Michael Petersen Creates Charcoal Drawing of ” Bad Brad Lackey ” going fast on a Husky.\r\n\r\nPort Angeles, Wa  (July 22, 2009 )–Brad Lackey is one of America’s pioneering motocross racers of the 1970s and ’80s. In 1972, Lackey won the AMA 500cc National Motocross championship. In 1982, after a decade of trying, he became the only American to win the 500cc World Motocross Championship.\r\nBrad left racing on top. He retired after winning the ’82 world championship, leaving a legacy as one of America’s top motorcycle racers of all time. Brad has always been a mentor to Michael, and as a kid Michael had his bedroom ” wall papered ” with his photo’s from motocross magazines… It was a lot of fun and an honor to draw this drawing of Brad going fast on his Husky.\r\n\r\nYou can meet Michael at his Art Booth at the Washougal Motocross Nationals July 24-26, to purchase the Limited Edition prints, and 25% of sales will be donated to the Road To Recovery foundation. www.road2recovery.com  .\r\n\r\nMichael Petersen has had a lifetime love of riding, racing, mountain climbing and photography. Although action and outdoor-related subjects have always been Petersen’s passion, he has recently focused on the motorcycle scene because of his interest in the sport, its incredible athletes and the positive influence the sport has on youth and families. To see more of his artwork, go to www.michaelsactionart.com.\r\n\r\n-AMA Hall of Fame\r\n-1972 AMA National Motocross Champion\r\n-The Only American 500cc World MX Champion\r\n