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Justin Brayton, Professional Motocross, JGMX
This year Justin raced the West Coast Lites series with the Muscle Milk/ MDK/ KTM team. He finished fourth in the series earning three podiums along the way. In Outdoors he raced the 450 class on the Jagermeister/ MDK/ KTM team and finished seventh overall. He won the final moto of the series at Steel City earning a third overall that day. This has been his best season since turning pro in 2002.
For 2010, Brayton joins the JGRMX Toyota/Yamaha Team and he will move to the 450 class full time.
www.jgrmx.com <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102734498804&s=194&e=0011XdWGb1sTzM5XWR3QBCVS5T0N6LKugnjCNBjAfytADxw2n9hryD4RE0gdxF6m-xTEYBDwrYnArXdnOatOOwzmsUngq96qcdEDfmMemoFVxI=>

Tim Olson, Media Relations Manager – Yamaha Off Road
The new release of the 2010 YZ450F is making big waves in the off-road motorcycle world. Yamaha has taken a big step to revolutionize the off-road motorcycles. By slanting the cylinder rearward and reversing the intake and exhaust ports the YZ450F’s mass is more centralized for amazing balance, unprecedented handling and cornering. Also new are the 4-titanium valve cylinder head, aluminum Bilateral Beam frame and fuel injection.
http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products/modelhome/209/0/home.aspx <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102734498804&s=194&e=0011XdWGb1sTzOnXCGmSEA8DstHv7bGfcQl4RQm-hcSKA1ccOQtAOwuaIbPniFnTXXZuWkBwZqblImBGbWh3Sep_UtRgLCeauhnflMan4is6OT5YZlqFWlNSD4acqPbGF0R2XGzqk-qjIBZuP3gcEXneKwYBPk5CSZ3QE2jaBfbraQIaFPpWIXccA==>

Randy Cobb, Loyal Pit Pass Radio Listener
Randy has been riding since he was 18 years old. His first bike in 1977 was a Yamaha RD400 which as he puts it “taught him a thing or two” about riding. He’s been an avid race fan for just as long with memories of the famous Kenny Roberts and Randy Mamola duels at Laguna Seca from the early 80’s and has been attending races at the various California tracks ever since. The last 10 years Randy has taken multiple riding schools from Keith Code, Reg Pridmore, and earlier this year had the opportunity to be involved with the inaugural Skip Barber class at Laguna Seca. He rides an Aprilia Tuono for fun and a FJR1300 for touring.

Chris Carr, Land Speed Record Holder
Chris Carr has set another record. The Dirt Track legend has once again broken the motorcycle land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, in Denis Manning’s Bub Streamliner. The speed was 367.382 mph- the two way average.  He is the World’s fastest man on two wheels.
www.bub.com <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102734498804&s=194&e=0011XdWGb1sTzPrVRHAXY2V-XkPC7nuZNmTGU5fe8PJT9GcpMOmlOVu8cV4czmyB4nrWvLI2LSMBzT225jLGAh01dmqWMH_lyiRoWnviEBpyhs=>

Chris Fillmore, Road Racer – Troy Lee Designs Graves Yamaha
Chris is coming off his first full season racing in the National Guard AMA Pro Superbike Series. He competed in the Daytona SportBike class and had a number of top ten finishes. His best race was at Road America, where he was in second place until the last two laps. Prior to road racing, Chris had a very successful career racing Supermoto from 2003 to 2007 and finished in second place in 2008 in the supermoto class.
www.gravesport.com <http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102734498804&s=194&e=0011XdWGb1sTzMrBi8KidObV_oHTOVTup9IizeD2doKT_WCS-jnv7qquOMn-r996pRttDJcwYnap3ZLarGLSPUMiegJmYziuijrF3oySJSDimaMXsuR1dPU7A==>

Crew at Pit Pass Radio
Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony Tice, Jack DeLeon and Ed Kuhlenkamp.

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