Pro Taper Dominates X-Games 15

The festivities of X-Games 15 are over and once again PT dominated the field with 12 medals: 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze including a sweep of the podium in Best Trick and Freestyle.  This is a true testimate to the quality of Pro Taper products and the athletes that put there trust in us.

Long time Pro Taper rider Ricky "GOAT" Carmichael dusted off his helmet to make another appearance in Step Up. RC did not disappoint with another heated battle to take Gold for the second year in a row.

MDK/KTM Team Rider Justin Brayton battled his way back from a poor start to claim his first medal in X with a Silver.

The king of the whip, Todd Potter, out classed two of the best riders in the world Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart to take Gold in Best Whip. Todd got over 40% of the votes for Gold and RC took home the Bronze.

The stage was set for a throw down at the Staples Center as legends and new comers where gunning for top spot in Best Trick. With front flips, double back flips and 720 rodeos being thrown down this was anybody's game. Returning Gold medalist Kyle Loza would take the Gold with his signature  "Electric Doom" edging out Bilko and his insane 360 combinations for Silver. Rounding out the podium with a Bronze would be  "Mr. Whip" Todd Potter. Making this a Pro Taper sweep and clear statement that PT has the best FMX riders in the world.

For the second podium sweep at X, Bilko, Twitch, Adams and Rebeaud would battle it out in Freestyle under the lights of the Home Depot Center. There was no stopping the huge 360 combinations by Bilko as he edged out Twitch by 1 point for top honors with Adams taking the Bronze.  Pro Taper has assembled the best FMX Athletes in the world and it shows with eleven of the sixteen entered in Freestyle using PT products.

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Pro Taper Medals

Best Trick
1. Kyle Loza
2. Blake "Bilko" Williams
3. Todd Potter

Best Whip
1. Todd Potter
3. Ricky Carmichael

1. Blake  "Bilko" Williams
2. Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
3. Nate Adams

Moto X Supercross
2. Justin Brayton

Moto X Supercross Adaptive
1. Chris Ridgway
2. Mike Schultz

Moto X Step Up
1. Ricky Carmichael