Four riders from the SHERCO TVS Rally team are in Morocco to participate in the Merzouga Rally which is part of the Dakar series.

“We’re off to a five-day Dakar Series race,” said the team manager, David Casteu. It is a very complicated rally that will require excellent navigation skills and will require the ability to negotiate the sand. We are very happy to have two young riders with us: Vanni Cominotto and Martin Duplessis. They are accompanied by Lorenzo Santolino and Joan Pedrero. ”

“The rally team is complete,” continues David Casteu. We are all very motivated by this challenge. We have four rally bikes and one of the largest teams. I am very proud to have four riders to manage in this rally. Especially since there is a lot of competitiveness with the other brands, this makes the challenge more beautiful! We are very proud to have a diverse team that includes riders from several nationalities, with two Spaniards, one Argentinian and one Italian. ”

The prologue for this Merzouga Rally was held today. (Sunday April 15th).

Credits : E. Bauer

" “Joan Pedrero ranked 4th! He is riding his Dakar bike and has plenty of experience. He is off to a flying start, he is very motivated to have a good finish in this rally.”

" “Lorenzo Santolino ranked 5th, it’s a bit complicated. He is very sick, he has a virus and a fever. He is gritting his teeth, we’ll see tomorrow whether he will be able to start this rally.”

" “Vanni Cominotto ranked 34th, he is discovering how to navigate in the desert and he is it getting to know his bike. He is very tense, but the team is here to give him confidence. Like the other riders, he is very satisfied with the handling of the bike.”

" “Martin Duplessis ranked 15th, he is very happy with his bike, he is very enthusiastic, and he brings a lot of motivation to the team. He has already raced in South America, this is a big first for him to race in Africa.”