SuperSprox is the largest producer of aluminium motorcycle sprockets in Europe and North America, but our passion is in the production of the Supersprox-stealth. A product we invented, developed and patented. This is a product that we can honestly say is the most technically advanced and insanely attractive sprocket in the world.

Our production facility in Zhytomyr, Ukraine (geographically close to Slovakia) is fitted out with every conceivable machine used in the production of the Supersprox-stealth sprockets. With just over 50 people in our organisation. We are able to move quickly towards new developments in technology, while having the structure of a well organised and mature company. Our work with the Japanese and European motorcycle producers has helped to define a meticulous focus on detail. We may be described as fastidious, scrupulous and fussy, but the end result is perfection.

In 2007, Supersprox opened the doors of a sister company called Supersprox Inc (Riverside, California). This company is wholly owned by us and has one purpose, to introduce the Supersprox-stealth range to enthusiasts in America. We will do everything we are able to run an ethical and professional business in America.