Tag Metals was relaunched earlier this month by Group 6 USA and we are pleased to announce a Special AMA Professional Rider Sponsorship Program for the 2018 250 & 450 Outdoor National class riders.
We know how expensive professional racing can be, so, we have developed a FREE Tag Metals Handlebars & Grips
Pro Package along with very special Pro pricing on Sprockets and Chains for the National outdoor season.
Email: a your name, hometown, list of sponsors, and short paragraph on yourself, list of the outdoor national events you will ride this years and attach a picture of your Pro license, email to: Tagracing@group6usa.com
Space is limited so apply today! We have a preset budget and when it gone it's gone!
About Tag Metals …..Tag Metals was born from a passion for performance and innovative. Fueled and relaunched this year with that same commitment, the new Tag Metals offers a complete range of hi performance racing off road motorcycle handlebars, grips, sprockets, chains and accessories. Now part of the Group 6 USA family of brands that now includes Matrix Concepts, Atlas Braces USA & Tag Metals; Based in Valencia, California. Our products are used and developed by the top MX/Off-Road/Cycling race teams in the world. For more Tag Metals information please contact us at info@group6usa.com or telephone 661 253 1592. Visit us at: www.tagmetalsracing.com