Team Honda HRC MX2 | MXGP of Lombardia

Ottobiano Qualifying

HRC MX2 left hot and bothered in Ottobiano qualifying
Rodriguez didn't have the start he was hoping for today on his debut race with HRC MX2 as qualifying got underway for round 11 in Ottobiano.

Battling with nerves, the heat and riding to the MXGP format, Rodriguez had a lot to adapt too with his first race on the CRF250RW. At the start of the day, the Venezuelan put too much pressure on himself but had started to relax by the time he finished timed practice. As the qualifying race began, he span out in the first corner and went down in a group of riders but started to come back through the pack. This effort was short-lived as got caught in an accident when another rider crashed into him, causing him to retire early from the race with pain in his neck.

Cervellin meanwhile had troubles of his own. After an initially good start in seventh, he went down with another rider. Although the bike didn't stall, he still had to scoop it up out of the deep sand which, with the intensity of the heat was very overwhelming. The Italian struggled to get back his momentum once he remounted and came in 15th.

With Rodriguez avoiding serious injury, both riders are looking ahead to a better day tomorrow where the weather is also set to be cooler. The first MX2 race starts at 13h15 local time.

Michele Cervellin 747
Today I made a good start but I found myself crashing with another rider and as a result I finished 15th. I found it hard in the heat today when I crashed as it was just so hot and it really threw me off my focus and I found it hard to get back into it. The problem is that tomorrow the Moto is 10 minutes more so I just need to not crash, ride consistent and get the points.

Anthony Rodriguez
Today in my qualifying race I had a bad start, it wasn't my best. I went on the outside to try and make some passes but it wasn't so good. Then in the fourth turn some people went down and kind of came on top of me. So, I had to start coming back through the pack from last. Then in the fourth lap somebody went down next to me in the rollers and unfortunately, he took me down with him. I kind of hit my neck a little and my shoulder so I decided it was best for me to pull in just to check it wasn't anything more serious. Now I know I am ok I just need to rest and try again tomorrow.

Roger Harvey
HRC General Manager – MXGP
Bit of a disappointment for Rodrigeuz, he should have come out of the first turn in third but he just spun out and it put him in all of the traffic and all of the chaos that went on around him. As he isn’t use to riding with the people that he is racing with now, he was clashing with riders and ended up coming off over one of the jumps hurting his neck. Luckily this wasn’t a serious injury and he will be able to race tomorrow. Cervellin had a good start and was consistently riding until he collided with another rider. He got back on but then he faded towards the end of the race where usually he is very strong. This is probably due to the fact he hasn’t been able to do much riding since Russia.