WP Announces New Bladder Kits

Greater Range of Tuning for WP Shocks

WP is proud to announce a new tuning possibility for the WP TRAX shocks!

This new product will now join the existing Bladder Kit product range for the KTM & Husqvarna OEM shocks already offered by WP!

We now offer 3 different Bladder kits ZF10002, ZF10003 and ZF10004 for a selected assortment of TRAX shocks, including KTM / Husqvarna (Link & PDS), Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.
The WP Bladder Kit converts the piston-style reservoir into a bladder and even further improves the performance by:

· Resisting fading

· Decreasing moving parts and friction

· Improving and smoothening the ride

The kits include a reservoir tube, the bladder, clip and cap incl. a regular Schrader Chuck for filling with nitrogen.

Available from WP Authorized Centers


Each Bladder kit has a sales price of $170.00.