Mini Major Racers: Grayson and Gunnar Townsend

Fasst Kids From Utah


Grayson and Gunnar Townsend

Gunnar and Grayson Townsend, are second-generation racers from St. George, Utah. Their father Cole is an owner of Fasst Company, a top aftermarket accessories company known best for its Flexxbars, which utilize elastomers to help absorb vibration and impacts at the handlebar. Seven-year-old Grayson and nine-year-old Gunnar have attended both Mini Major events, and also make the drive to SoCal for other TWMX Race Series rounds, too.

How long have you been riding and what do you like about motocross?

Grayson: I’ve been riding since I was three. Motorcycles are fun and I like to compete!

Gunnar: Since I was four. It's fun and other sports seem boring, and I don't even get how to play football!

Do you guys play any other sports?

Gunnar: We just got into wrestling, dirt bikes are like wrestling because you wrestle the bike to have it go where you want, and in wrestling, you wrestle the kid to get to the ground.

Grayson: I play wrestling and mountain bike. I gotta take people down! 

Gunnar Townsend

Gunnar Townsend

Your dad and I are old friends. Same with your Uncle Kevin. What do they tell you about their old days as racers?

Gunnar: I forgot all of it, but something about Hondas when they were really bad. (Laughs) My uncle was a pro!

What do you think of the Mini Major, being a race just for kids?

Gunnar: It’s awesome because it's all just kids and there are no big bikes. We get to ride more and it's just all kids and made for kids. The track is built for kids that’s why I like it. It doesn’t get the big ruts from 450s.

Grayson: It's fun and hard because there are lots of kids and it's really fast and rough out there.

Grayson Townsend

Grayson Townsend

You guys drove pretty far to race out here, how is racing in Utah different?

Gunnar: On the start line you can go out of the gate more for prep, and you can’t go out of the gate to pack the dirt in Utah. Different ruts form on the track and the dirt is different. But it's fun to ride in Utah then come down and ride some different tracks in California with different dirt. It's a nice change.

Grayson: The dirt and start are different. There are bigger jumps here, and I can hit more of them.

Gunnar I see you're on a KTM 65SX. How do you like it?

It runs super good compared to all the other bikes. The Fasst bars are awesome and they feel so good that I can just rip the track.

What about you Grayson, is that a Cobra?

It’s a Cobra 50, it's fast and it has bigger wheels and better suspension than my old bikes and the bigger wheels go over the bumps easier.

Gunnar Townsend

Gunnar Townsend

Cole, who helps out your family race team?

Fasst Company, Flexx Handlebars, Vertex Piston, Pivot Works, Fly Racing, 6D Helmets, Maxxis, Big Fun Food, Knobby Shop, TBT, Voice Connection, and SGMX. Come out to SGMX! We’ve got a great track with super deep, big ruts…it's rad! There are lots of kids in Utah doing great on 50s, 65s, and 85s. Really, it’s a rad little environment. We are blessed with a great track, and it's good; they prep it really deep and really gnarly every week. Utah is really great to learn how to ride and competition is high. Kids are so competitive now.

What is it like in your second moto life as a mini dad versus being a racer?

It takes a lot of patience. I have a bunch of kids that I school and they listen better than my own kids. It’s rad and super fun, I didn't want them to race just because we were aware of what can happen. But on the same token, they love it. They wake up every day wanting to ride and just get better, and we've done all kinds of other sports, and they weren't really interested in it and it didn't really make them happy. It’s cool to pass on this experience and help all these kids. It gets kinda frustrating because you know what it takes and you have the experience to do so. Yeah, we went to Loretta's this year for Grayson, and that was a cool experience going back there again after racing there for so long myself. Seeing the sport grow is mind blowing and the level of competition is so high. Every race is just really cool to see the kids go at it. We love motorcycles, we love moto, and we love racing. We live in this van half of the time, you know just traveling around. It’s the best thing, it's super, super cool. Sometimes it's really satisfying and happy, and sometimes it’s just demoralizing. But yeah, if they’re safe it’s a pretty good weekend.

Grayson Townsend

Grayson Townsend

How has the relocation from Southern California to Utah worked for your company, Fasst Company?

It’s a blessing , we have a great facility, we have amazing employees, they all ride at a really high level. It’s hard to find people in California that are able to afford to ride and live here. We have great dudes that work for us that know the product and actually used the product before they worked for us, which is unique. We can ride right out of our building. So we can create something, build it, go test it, and get instant feedback. Which is great as a brand to really live what you’re doing instead of just sitting at a desk. We ride all the time and moto a lot. It’s  really great outdoor lifestyle. I love it, it’s been the best thing for our business and our family.

The Townsend family: Elizabeth, Gunnar, Grayson and Cole.

The Townsend family: Elizabeth, Gunnar, Grayson and Cole.