Glen Helen Open 1/14/17 for El Dorado Practice

See road closure and directions.

Attention TWMXRS racers: Regarding this weekend’s opening round of the El Dororado Nationals at Glen Helen.
The main road in to Glen Helen is closed. See alternate entry instructions.


Directions: Institution Road is currently closed so riders will need to use the alternate route through Devore Rd. (Please see the map attached.)

Main Track: Only lower sections will be open tomorrow. Conditions will be soft. The hills will not be open. Sunday the full track will be back open and one more day of sunshine should make the track conditions amazing for the first round of the El Dorado Series!

REM: The full track will be open tomorrow and conditions are really good for tomorrow's practice.

Glen Helen Practice is open tomorrow from 9 am – 1 pm for $25.
On site registration opens at 12:00 noon. Remember online pre registration (  ) is open until 8 am Saturday morning. You save $5 per class! Also be sure to get your 2017 membership online and save time ( )