Mini Major Racer Profile

Santiago Flores

Age: 5
Hometown: Riverside, California
Classes: PeeWee Beginner, PeeWee Open Beginner, PeeWee Open Beginner/Novice 4-6
Sponsors: 100%, Dunlop, Pro Depot, Mega Motorsports

There was a rider who caught our eye in the PeeWee classes this weekend and that was five-year-old Santiago Flores, who raced with plastic horns atop his helmet in celebration of the Halloween weekend. We had to meet the little devil…

Is this your first time racing the Mini Major, what do you think of a race that’s only for kids?

Yes, I like it cause its fun and I’m beating kids. This is a good track and I like it.

When did you start riding motocross?

I started riding this bike 8 months ago.

What do you like about being a motocross racer?

I like to go fast and I want to get first place!

Is your helmet just for Halloween, or do you always wear it?

It’s just for Halloween because it’s my favorite holiday since I get to dress up. I like Christmas too.

Who chose the horns? How did the idea come about?

My dad, it was his idea. I like it, but it’s a little hard to put my goggles on. It was special for this time of the year. I think it’s awesome.

How are the races going for you so far?

Good, this is a good track, I like it. My motorcycle is good, I feel fast. Other kids are scared of my horns!

Why have you taken to motocross so well?

Ever since I started, its been all motocross, no other sports. I love it and my parents love it too!

It looks like you’re here with a bunch of friends.

Yeah, we are always practicing together. We do everything together. We’re here camping and its a lot of fun. All of us are racing one after another, we compete and the three of us battle because we are in the same class.

Have you been coming to the TransWorld Races before the Mini Major?

All the time, we started coming back in January for the first TransWorld race of the year and just this past series, El Dorado, I placed first in the series! I’m working on it.