Andrea Hill, 22
Monterey, CA
Sponsors: Aiello Family
Andrea Hill was down in Southern California over the holidays and came out to the inaugural round of the El Dorado nationals at Milestone MX.  Originally from Temecula, she now lives in Monterey and is in the Coast Guard.  Hill had raced some of the TWMX NorCal series, so she came out to race while she was in the area to check out one of the SoCal series races.  Hill rode the Milestone track with a smooth precision, even late in the day when the heavy traffic had made the track rough.  In the pits when we stopped to talk to her, she shows a genuine love of motocross and racing.
What brings you out to the Transworld El Dorado National race?
I just love riding!  I was in the area for the holidays and one of my friends told me there was going to be a race at Milestone, so I decided to come out.   There aren’t many races up in northern California, so anytime I can come out and ride or race I will definitely jump on the opportunity.
Do you race at the tracks up there when can?
Not that much, I am coming out of retirement.  I haven’t been riding for about a year and a half, but I used to do the Transworld Series up there.  Hopefully I am going to start getting back into it again.
Motocross isn’t something that many girls pursue as a sport, so how did you originally get started riding? 
I got started riding with the Aiello family.   I would babysit the kids and he would take me riding in return.  I started out when I was about 8 or 9, they gave me a bike to use and we would go riding every other weekend or so.  I have loved it ever since and it has become my passion.
What is it about motocross that attracts you to it and makes you want to ride?
That is a very good question!  For me I think it is mostly the challenge of it.  I almost get nauseous sometimes when I look at the jumps and think “I’m too old for this”.  But when you are in the moment it is nerve-racking but when you finally do jump it is a feeling of relief and excitement and everything all combined.  It is indescribable and I just love it. 
What other activities do you do besides motocross?
I am totally into action sports, so I like to skateboard, surf and play soccer.  In high school, soccer was a huge part of my life.   But motocross is my number one hobby, but anything action sport related I like to do it.
What do you do during the week for a job?
I am in the Coast Guard, I am part of their search and rescue up in the Monterey Bay area.  We are on call all the time, we are actually on a fireman type schedule, and if there is someone in distress they will sound the alarm and we will go.
Does being on call like that interfere with motocross and your other activities?
No, it actually works out very well.  We have a schedule where we will work like two days on, two days off, two days on and then three days off.  So it actually works out during the week because I have a good amount of time off.  If you look at it, we really only work like half the year, so it benefits me for sure.
Does the Coast Guard give you a good base of training to keep your fitnes up for riding and racing?
We have standardized testing so we have to keep in shape, but it isn’t anything as brutal as riding motocross.  That is the most crazy workout there is!
So what do you think of the competition down here compared to NorCal?
There aren’t a lot of girls here at this round, but the scene is a lot bigger down here.  Up north it is they are working on it, central California there isn’t much at all, but down here you just can’t beat what they have going.
Will you keep racing motocross your whole life?
My whole life for sure!   As long as I can possibly do it, I will keep doing it.