Bradley Taft, 17
Nixa, MO
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The Intermediate classes had a new competitor at the Cahuilla Creek round of the Spring Cup.  Bradley Taft came out to the race and put in some blistering fast laps around the long Cahuilla track.  A veteran of the amateur national scene, Taft has also competed in races such as the Monster Cup Amateur SX and the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur SX.  Throughout the 4 motos he raced through the day, the experience from the national competition was apparent as he was able to find the fast lines through the rough track and make his way to the front off all four races to take home both the 250F and 450F Intermediate class overall victories.
What brings you out here to the Muscle Milk/TWMX race all the way from Missouri?
I just recently moved out here, I’m living at the Grindstone compound.  I am just coming back to racing after having a broken jaw, and I was out here to practice and saw the flier for the race, so we decided to come out and race it. 
How long were you out with your injury?
I was out for about 3 or 4 weeks with the broken jaw.
Did you miss the amateur nationals so far this year because of it?
I actually broke it at Freestone, so I got to race Daytona and Freestone, but I missed World Mini because of it. 
Now that you are back racing, what is your plan for the remainder of the year?
Basically just get back into shape, do the qualifiers for Loretta’s and Mammoth.   Hopefully do well at Mammoth and then focus on Loretta’s.
Do you have a plan in place for moving to the pro class or is that still undetermined?
It’s kind of out in the future at this point, it really depends on how this year goes and if I get any offers or anything like that.  Basically we will know after Loretta’s what I am going to do beyond that.
How did you get your start in racing motocross?
When I was little, my dad rode and I had two brothers that raced also.  My parents own a graphic business, so they went to all of the nationals, so I basically got into it from those things.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
I really don’t do much.  I road bike and go to the gym, but I don’t really have much time to do other sports or activities like that.
Your entire focus is on your racing and training for motocross?
Yeah, pretty much.  I have a little bit of free time, so I will watch movies or small stuff like that, but most of my day is geared toward motocross.
Besides riding, is the road bike and gym your primary forms of training?
We road bike a lot, but I think I am going to get a mountain bike also, so I will start doing that as well.  But right now, the road bike and gym are the main things we do to get ready for this.
How many days a week are you on your motorcycle riding?
Three to four days a week.  Most of the time it is three during the week then race on the weekends.
How do you like the racing and riding out here in California as compared to Missouri?
There is definitely a lot more faster kids out here than there are in Missouri.  There’s fast kids there too, but not as many as there are out here in California.  There are just so many more tracks out here that you can ride compared to Missouri.