Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Branden Milstead

Branden Milstead, 39
Riverside, CA
Sponsors:  Von Zipper, Matrix, Factory Effex, Acerbis, Dunlop, Yoshimura, TBT Suspension
Branden Milstead is one of the regulars at the Muscle Milk/TWMS Race Series and can be found at the top of the results sheets at most every round.  Riding in the 30+ Pro and Vet Expert classes, Milstead took the 30+ Pro series championship in the recent Winter Cup series as well as the runner up spot in the Spring Cup series in the same class.  A tough competitor on the track, Branden has been successful at every track the Transworld Race Series has visited.  We stopped by his pit at Milestone MX to get to know him a little better.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/TWMX race today?
The vet riders!  There is always a good group of vet riders here.
As a vet class racer, do you find it hard to find a balance between racing, work and life?
Yes, it gets kind of hard.  I only get a chance to ride once a week usually.  It is hard to get fast when you are only able to get out and ride once a week.
Is that once a week typically a race?
It is usually a race, but on the weekends there isn’t a race I will get in some practice.
How long have you been riding and racing motocross?
I have been riding since I was about 5 years old.  I didn’t start racing until I was 22 though.
After riding for so long, what made you finally start to race?
Stupidity? (laughs)  I should have started when I was a lot younger.  I always liked it, and after I was out of school I started racing and it was fun.
What else do you do besides racing?  Do you have other hobbies?
I like to snowboard, wakeboard and the typical stuff.  I also like to play golf and soccer. 
Does all of that leave any time for training to keep in race shape?
A little bit, but not very much.  I do some pushups and situps at the house, I try to run when I can, but after work I am so tired.
What is it that motivates you to race motocross?
I like the excitement and the adrenaline racing gives you.  It also keeps you in shape so you don’t get a big ol’ fat gut. 
Being a vet racer, do your friends and family tell you to grow up and quit racing?
All the time!  But when you get on a bike and ride, you just can’t quit.  I’ll probably be out here racing until the day I die.