Brandon Greer, 27
Menifee, CA
Sponsors: ODI Grips
Brandon Greer is one of the many faces in the vendor area at the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX races under the ODI tent.   Pulling double duty at the races with manning the ODI display as well as lining up on the gate during the day, Greer keeps busy during the races.  Relatively new to the ODI company, we stopped by the ODI pit to get to know Brandon a little better.
What is your main focus out here at the races with ODI?
We come out here to vend at the Transworld MX Race Series, we set up the ODI booth and have grips and handlebars as well as help out the amateur support guys.  I like to get out here and do some racing at the same time. 
ODI has mountain bike parts as well as the motorcycle parts you have out here, which is your specialty?
I’m in the powersports division, so I do mostly the powersports sales, sponsorships and that type of thing.  My main goal out here is to just get everyone set up with grips and handlebars and make it easy as possible for them. 
What do you like about the Transworld Race Series?
I really like it, they have it set up really well.  The motos are very clean, they take good care of the track and they keep the race day running smooth.
How long have you been racing motocross?
Only about six months.
Being new to racing, what is your impression of it so far?
It is really good, it has a lot of endurance in it.  A lot of the older guys with experience are doing really good, they have the endurance.  Getting back into shape is going to be the hardest thing for me.
What got you into racing motocross at an age later than most people?
I used to do it back in the day, when I was little I had support and family helping out.  Now I’m on my own and just bought my bike and getting back into it has been expensive. 
What did you do in your time between when you were racing when you were younger and now?
I borrowed bikes occasionally to ride and also I did some mountain biking.
Do you still ride your mountain bike much?
I do on occasion during the week, I try to get out and ride at least once a week and get a little exercise.
Do the mountain bike skills cross over the motocross for you?
Yeah, I think it is a great crossover sport.  I think everyone that does some mountain biking should also be into motocross industry as well.  It is the same feel as riding a mountain bike as it is on a motorcycle.
Being a vet rider, do you find it hard to find time to ride?
With several tracks opening at night time and having lights it makes it a lot easier to find time to ride.  You may be out a little later than you want to be, but at least you get some track time.
What other hobbies do you have besides motocross?
That’s pretty much it, I just got engaged so I am focused on our wedding next year, so that’s about it besides mountain biking and motocross.
What does your fiance think about your racing?
She is good, she is out here at every race and she’s loving it so far.
Is your mountain bike riding your only form of training you do to keep in race shape?
Yeah it is, but this is more of a leisure sport for me, I’m not out here trying to go pro anymore so it is more about keeping my health up and staying in shape.