Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Broc Shoemaker

Broc Shoemaker, 21
Santa Clarita, CA
Sponsors: Pasha Racing, N2Dirt Sports, MX 126, Bell, Matrix, Leatt, RAD, Factory Metalworks, Works Connection, FMF
The Pro classes at the Muscle Milk/Transworld races this year have been well attended and very competitive as the local Southern California pros come out to compete for the pro purse and get some competition laps under their belt.  In the last two rounds, one of the standouts of the 250F Pro and Open Pro classes has been Broc Shoemaker.  At the Competitive Edge and Perris rounds of the Summer Cup, he has sailed his YZ250F over the finish line to take the checkers for two overall wins in the 250F class. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/ Transworld MX Summer Cup?
I’ve done the Transworld races the last few years, I like the races, there is usually a good turnout and plenty of competition to race against.  I just raced the Competitive Edge race a couple weeks ago and was down in the Perris area this week and was able to make it this round as well. 
How did you originally get started racing?
My grandfather, Larry Shoemaker, raced professionally, then he went on to own International Yamaha, then he went on to work for Factory Yamaha.  My father then got into racing as well, and ended up with his Yamaha deal, and it all just trickled down from there to me.  I started riding at a very young age and have been racing ever since.
What is your overall goal in motocross?  Do you plan to make it a career?
Realistically, I would like to be a competitive racer and able to be a front runner.  I tend to favor supercross over motocross, but I haven’t been able to do it much because I’ve been hurt when the supercross season comes around.  I’ve just been doing some of the outdoor races and some local races over the summer to keep busy, but definitely favor supercross.
How did you do in the nationals this year so far?
This year was going to be my first year doing the nationals, but right before the season, the guy that was supposed to do my motors for me backed out and I was left at the last minute without a motor builder.  I went to Glen Helen on a stock bike and gave it my best shot.  I had some bad luck and just barely came up short from qualifying.  Just between crashes and flat tires I just missed out.  I also went to Hangtown, but I crashed in the first practice and that ended the weekend for me.  N2Dirt Sports is now working on my bike and doing the suspension.  Brian is a good guy and has been helping me out quite a bit, so that should help in the future.
So come January, will you be at Anaheim to kick off the supercross season?
I will definitely be doing the 250 West Coast rounds as long as I am healthy
As a privateer, are you able to ride and race full time or do you also have a job to support your racing?
I am doing a part time job right now working at MX 126.  The owner there, Steve Foster, has been helping me out a lot and I work there on my off days when I am not riding.  I actually live in a house at the track, so I have an awesome facility to ride and train at any day I want.  It works out really well, I can work and train right at home. 
Since you are living at the track, how often do you ride and practice?
I ride that track quite a bit.  When I am riding and training a lot like when I was getting ready for outdoors, I was  that track 3 times a week.  I’d also go to other tracks 1 or 2 days a week also. 
Do you have access to a supercross track to practice on?
Steve is going to be putting in a supercross track for the upcoming season, they are going to hire a track builder to come in and professionally build a track, it will be open to the public and should be real good.
What other things do you do besides motocross to break up the routine a little?
Really all I do is riding, I ride my road bike and mountain bike, but other than that I don’t really don’t do any other sports.  I just went stand-up jet skiing yesterday for the first time though,so I like to do things like that, but everything is kind of based on anything with handlebars.
Do you find the mountain bike a good crossover training for motocross?
Definitely, it’s so much like moto but at the same time it is really good training.
Are you doing any other training besides the biking?
Right now I am taking it a little easy because I was training pretty hard going into the outdoors.  When that whole program kind of came apart, I took a 2 or 3 weeks off from training.  I then just started training again and doing these local races.  As of now it is just riding and cycling, no weight training at the moment until I start getting ready for supercross.