Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Challen Tennant

Challen Tennant, 15
Willis, TX
Sponsors: Orange Brigade, Thor, Sidi Boots
The first race of the day at the Competitive Edge round of the Winter Cup was the 125cc 2-Stroke class.  On the first lap of the race, Challen Tennant opened up a good lead and was putting down some impressive laps.  The speed and riding style caught our attention.  In addition to the 125 class, he also race a 250F in the Schoolboy class, putting in another strong performance.  Tennant has an already impressive resume at a young age and has scored many titles under already at his young age.  Visiting from his home state of Texas, this was Tennant’s first visit to Competitive Edge and the Transworld Series.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX race today?
We are out here in California training with Mike Sleeter and the KTM crew, and decided to come out here to Comp Edge and race one of the Transworld races just to put down some laps and have some fun.
What are your racing plans for 2014?
My plans and goals this year would definitely be to win some titles in the Schoolboy class and hopefully pull off some good things in B.  I’d just like to get some titles under my belt for sure.
How did you get your start in racing motocross?
Actually, my cousin raced, and I went to the track with him one day and found that I liked it and that I liked being around motocross.  It just kind of took off from there.
What does motocross do for you that keeps you coming back?
Just the fun of it.  If you aren’t having fun, there’s no reason to be out here.  Obviously, it can get pretty technical and you have to be very determined in this sport, but for me it is just the adrenaline rush and racing with all the guys having fun and winning.  You don’t get a better feeling than that.
You’ve been racing for quite some time, what has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
My biggest accomplishment is probably being in the Monster Cup race and doing really good there.  I turned a lot of heads at that race.  I’ve won some titles at Ponca, Mill Creek, Lake Whitney when it was still around, I’ve won titles at pretty much every track except Loretta’s. 
What is your main goal in motocross?
My goal is to go pro.  I have a pretty good shot and I am confident that I can do it.  That is pretty much every racers dream and that’s my goal.
Do you have a plan in place going forward for that yet?
Probably in the next couple years, it depends on how I do through my ‘B’ career and what my ride is from ‘A’ to pro.  I will know in the next two to three years.
What other things do you do besides motocross?
I like to hunt and fish and all of that.  I also actually like to play a little basketball for a little bit just to kind of get a different look at things. 
What is your primary form of training to prepare for the races?
Out here in California, I have been training with Charles Dao from Icon and going on mountain bike rides.  Also I’ve been going to the track and doing sprints and motos and stuff like that.  Just going to the gym a lot and a lot of cardio.