Chevy Holmes, 14
Aguanga, CA
Sponsors:  Mom & Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Yamaha, NOST Supsension, Troy Lee Designs, 100%
Chevy Holmes came out to Cahuilla Creek with a stable of 2-stroke Yamahas, Running the Supermini class as well as the Schoolboy and 250F Novice class.  In the Supermini class, Holmes put in a commanding performance in both motos to take the overall with a pair of wins.  As he jumped aboard his YZ125, he put together some very convincing rides against the 250F motorcycles.  Still early on after the switch to the bigger bikes, Holmes has the skills to move on up through the pack as he gets more seat time on the bigger bike. 
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk Transworld race?
There are usually a lot of people here and some good competition.
What other races do you plan on doing through the rest of the year?
We are going to try to do Mammoth, maybe Loretta’s and we may do the Oklahoma national.  That’s about it I think.
Have you done any of the amateur nationals before or is will this be the first time?
We did the World Minis, I did pretty well there and got a couple trophies, so we did good. 
You’ve got both superminis and YZ125s out here, how long have you been racing on the bigger bike?
Not that long actually, I think this might be my 5th race on it.  It’s quite a big difference from the supermini to the 125. 
How hard is it to come out to the races and switch back and forth between the two different size bikes?
It is kind of easy going from the supermini to the 125, but going the other way, I feel so big and kind of squeezed on the supermini. 
How often do you ride and practice to get ready for the races?
Sometimes I won’t ride for two weeks.  If it is a big event, we may go there the week before and practice to get ready.  So I don’t ride that often really.
Do you do any other kinds of training besides riding?
At school I run quite a bit, I do some weight lifting also.  I do other sports such as football, soccer and lacrosse, so it’s a pretty good workout. 
Of all the sports you do, what is your favorite?
I think it would be motocross, it is a lot of fun.
What is it about motocross that you like over the other sports?
My family has been doing it for a long time.  My dad used to race, and now I race, so it is just fun to have everyone come out here.
Did you get your start racing from your dad’s influence?
Yeah, we used to just go to the desert, but then when one of the races was coming up here, we came the day before and when we found out about the race my dad asked if I wanted to race.  Ever since then I have been racing, I think I was about 9 years old then. 
What is your favorite part of racing motocross?
Just the environment, you get to meet people from everywhere and race against them.