Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Chris Alldredge


Chris Alldredge, 17
Powell Butte, OR
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Southern California is often the destination for racers during the winter months to prepare for the upcoming year of racing.  At the second round of the Winter Cup, we spotted a van from Oregon and saw amateur star Chris Alldredge getting ready for the day’s races.  We stopped by to catch up with Chris and see what he was up to and his upcoming plans.
What brings you down to Southern California?
The weather!  Haven’t you felt it?  We’re here because where I’m from it is snowy and there’s no place to ride.  Down here it is warm and there is always places to ride, so I come down here to train.
Who are you training with?
My trainer is Jay Whipple, he is based out of Phoenix right now and I will start training with him again in the near future.
Give us a rundown of your training program.
You know, it is just basic stuff.  A lot of people think we are doing something special but it is just the basics.  I go to the gym and work out with Charles Dau, who kicks the living crap out of us and gets us in shape.  With my trainer Jay, it is just working on sections, doing motos and just having fun. 
How was 2012 for you?
I only did a couple big races, I was hurt most of the year and didn’t do any of the Texas rounds or anything.  I went to Mammoth and did one moto and then got hurt.  I did Dodge and other than that I went to the Monster Cup and got hurt again.  That’s basically the rundown, nothing good.
What is your plan for 2013?
Race Amateur A and keep working on those skills that I have and try to get better and better every single day.  Not sure when I am going to go pro yet, just playing it by ear right now.
Do you have a long term plan?
I really have no plan, originally it was to do the last four, now three, outdoors after Lorettas.  After getting hurt last year and not getting the time on the bike that I thought I needed, it’s kind of up in the air right now depending on a lot of things.
What other activities do you do?
When I am at home, I snowmobile up in the snow a lot.  I try to spend every day on the mountain doing something in that white winter wonderland.
How do snowmobiles compare to motocycles?
As far as motor skills it is a lot the same, but as far as what we do on them it is all the opposite.  If you want to turn left you go right.  On a dirtbike if you do that you’re probably going to crash.  Motor skills are all there, but technique and body positions are all different.
What drives you to race motocross?
I want a new and fancy car!  <laughs>  That’s always been a goal, I see people driving around with these nice fancy cars and I always wanted one.   Actually the driving force is because I’ve been doing it since the beginning and it’s like a job now and I don’t know how to do anything else.  I’m pretty sure if I tried to play football I’d probably drop the ball a lot.  I’m just going to stick to two wheels.