Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Ciaran Naran

Ciaran Naran, 14
Huntington Beach, CA
Sponsors: Husqvarna, One Industries, Dubya, FMF, DVS, HDX, Dunlop, Nihilo, ODI, Sidi Boots, Arai, Dragon Goggles, Racetech, EBR Performance, Motorex
Ciaran Naran is no stranger to the racing scene, having spent several years competing in the amateur nationals and riding at the top of his classes.  Naran has switched to Husqvarna for 2014 and was making music with his two-stroke 85 and 125 motorcycles at the Milestone MX round of the Muscle Milk/TWMX Summer Cup.  Even late in the day after 20 motos worth of traffic, Naran was able to put down fast laps on the rough track and able to find smooth lines as he took home several moto wins through the day. 
How did you first get started racing motocross?
I originally started out racing go karts, and during the time I was racing them my dad bought me a motorcycle.  He gave me a choice one day, which one I wanted to do, and I picked two wheels over four.
What was it about the motorcycle that made you choose that?
Riding motorcycles is so much more fun I think.  You have an adrenaline rush that never leaves you and when you jump it feels like you are flying.  The track is also constantly changing in motocross, where in go karts the track you’re hitting the same lines every lap, the track never changes other than maybe adding a corner in or something.  Other than that, I just like motocross way more.
What has been your biggest accomplishments so far in racing?
I have won a couple of titles, one this year at World Mini on the 125, I won 65 titles at Ponca, I’ve also had past titles at Arizona and World Mini.  This year I just want to go out win Loretta’s.  That is my dream, and hopefully I can achieve that this year.
What is your best result at Loretta Lynn’s so far?
The best I’ve finished so far is 4th place in 85cc 9-11 Stock class.
You’re still racing an 85 in addition to your 125, when are you going to complete the move to big bikes full time?
After Loretta’s, if I do the Monster Cup I want to race Supermini there.  Right after Monster Cup, hopefully I can pursue riding for Husqvarna, they are great people behind me and have been really helpful.  Next year we will be riding 125’s, and hopefully still on the white bikes.
What is your ultimate goal in motocross?
As I grow up, I enjoy the sport more and more.  I’m a beach kid, I live right on the beach so I surf, skate, BMX in addition to riding, but motocross is the funnest sport I’ve experienced.  I want to go pro someday so I’m going to stick to my dreams and work hard for it.
Husqvarna is making a push back into American motocross racing, how has it been riding for them?
Husqvarna supports me a ton, they were out at World Mini cheering me on and supporting me.  They’ve given me bikes and helped me get sponsors.  Andy Jefferson, Christy LaCurelle and Mike Sleeter, they all help me out and they are great people.  Without them I wouldn’t be here today. 
What kind of training program do you have?
Right now I train 3 days a week at HDX Fit which is located in Huntington Beach.  They also have a hydration drink mix called HDX also who sponsor me, so I am training at their gym.  I also surf in my free time which is a great workout, I ride my BMX bike in Sheep Hills, it’s all great workouts and I try to be as active as possible to stay in great shape.