Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Cody Gibson

Cody Gibson, 16
Phelan, CA
Sponsors: John Burr, One Industries, Dunlop, Hinson, Varner Motorsports
Glen Helen is famous for being one of the most difficult tracks to race with its ever-changing conditions.  At the Winter Cup round there was a #446 Honda putting down some fast laps in the 450 Novice class to kick off the day.  Cody Gibson turned in two impressive performances to claim both moto wins to take the overall.  Gibson has been a regular racer with the Transworld Race series over the past year and his results show steady improvement all through last year leading up to his two overall wins at Glen Helen.
How did you get started racing?
My uncle got me into it, and also my brother was racing for a while and I picked it up about 4 years ago.
You are riding strong in the Novice class, do you plan to move up?
That’s the debate right now, we want to go to the nationals this year in Novice class, but we also want to move to B class before I get to old.  Probably stay in C class and go to Texas and World Mini and see how I do, then go straight to B.   We aren’t too sure yet.
Have you done any of the amateur nationals before?
I did Mammoth last year, but this year will be the first year we are racing seriously.
How did you do at Mammoth last year?
I got a 12th in 450 main on a 250, I got a 6th in one of the heats and a 4th in one heat.  I didn’t do that good.
What are your long term plans for motocross?  Do you want to turn pro?
Right now that’s the goal.  I just turned 16 and we are just trying to get our feet wet and see where we are at national-wise.  That’s the plan that I am sticking to but I also have a plan B also.
What else do you do besides racing?
I like to work out, ride mountain bikes, go fishing and camping.  That’s about it.
What do you do for training?
I’m home schooled so I go to the gym and I ride 2-3 times a week.  In the gym I do cardio, upper body workouts and high intensity workouts.  I try to eat right, go to the gym once a day and moto as much as possible.